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Shipping Policy
We provide international shipping. To make it beneficial for our customers we provide fixed shipping rates for all countries. This makes it easier to calculate and doesn't bring any hidden cost.


Please, have in mind that these are expected delivery times proposed by our shipping carriers and are not definitive. Sometimes delivery takes longer. If your order hasn't been delivered in expected delivery time or your tracking number doesn't work (DHL only), contact us on and we will proceed with the official inquiry at our post office.

SHIPPING PRICE LIST (click to open)


The tracking works only for packages sent with DHL. The number is automatically generated and provided to the customer when the package is collected. If you haven't received your tracking number (DHL ONLY!), please inform us at and we will send you the tracking number.


Orders can be tracked with official DHL tracking.

Lost or held packages

In case the package is presumed lost, the customer has to contact us as soon as possible so we can start an official inquiry for the lost package. Customer is also obliged to make a 'Lost package' claim with the selected shipping provider.  If the insured package is lost and/or damaged during transport we will offer you a full refund for your order.

Resolving of official inquiry takes roughly one month. A replacement order will be sent after the official inquiry is resolved, or sooner, depending on the purchased products and personal agreement with the customer.

Orders are sent with GLS or DHL Express - depends on the shipping selection of the customer.

Conformity of goods

The goods do not comply with the sales contract in particular when (subjective requirements):

 - does not correspond to the description, type, quantity and quality and does not have the functionality, compatibility, interoperability and other properties as stated in the sales contract,

it is not suitable for the specific purpose for which the consumer needs it and which the consumer informed the seller no later than when concluding the sales contract, and the seller agreed to this,

not supplied with all accessories and instructions, including instructions for installation, as specified in the sales contract,

not updated as specified in the sales contract. In addition to what is stated in the previous paragraph,


the goods are also non-compliant when (objective requirements):

 - does not correspond to the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used, where appropriate, other regulations, technical standards or, in the absence of such technical standards, industry codes of conduct applicable to the individual sector,

must be taken into account, is not of such quality and does not correspond to the description of the sample or model that the seller made available to the consumer before the conclusion of the sales contract, where applicable,

is not of such quantity and does not have the characteristics and other characteristics, including in relation to durability, functionality, compatibility and safety, as are usual for goods of the same type and which the consumer can reasonably expect in view of the nature of the goods and having regard to any public statement made by advertising or labeling by or on behalf of the seller or other persons in the previous links of the contract chain, including the manufacturer, unless the seller proves that:

he did not know about the public statement and cannot reasonably be expected to know about it,
- the public statement has been corrected prior to the conclusion of the sales contract in the same or comparable manner as it was made, or
the public statement could not influence the decision to purchase the goods


Refund Policy
At REX Outdoor d.o.o. we strive to offer best service available for our customers. Occasionally though, you may want to return items. We are more than happy to refund you the item price. In the event that the consumer withdraws from the contract by sending a message to the contact address, he must return the received goods at his own expense to our address no later than 14 days after notification of withdrawal from the contract.
Please contact us beforehand by email at

Return & Exchange Policy
REX Outdoor d.o.o. guarantees the quality of products with supplier or manufacturer warranty. Guarantee is valid in conjunction with supplied invoice. In case of malfunctions resulting from incorrect use, negligence or mechanical damage, the warranty is void. Warranty claims are also null in case of visible signs of modification by an unauthorized third party, incorrect use or negligent behaviour.


According to the Consumer Protection Act the customer has the right to notify the supplier (via telephone, email or mail in which case date of drop-off is relevant for the notification deadline) of contract cancellation within 14 days of receipt if not satisfied with ordered products, without having to state reasons for doing so. Products must be returned no later than 30 days after the cancellation of the contract, unused and undamaged, except when damage was not caused by the customer.

The only expense incurred by the consumer when returning products is the direct shipping cost. The return is deemed in time if the parcel is submitted in the required time. The purchase price for the returned products will be wired to the customer's bank account, PayPal account or be left available in store credit for successive orders.

The funds will be returned immediately or no later than 14 days after receiving notification of cancelation of sales contract. We can hold the funds until we don't receive items back. Returned items should be sent in a new bubbled envelope with your address in top left corner - this should be done to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences with delivery of returned items.

If the package was not able to be delivered and is returned to us, we will contact you via email to find the problem and reconfirm your address.
When we discover the problem, confirm your address or receive a new one, we will reship your order with no additional cost.

However, if we discover that the package was not delivered because of customer's fault or malice, or if the package was returned to us for the second time, we reserve the right to charge reshipping cost to the customer. Reshipping cost is specific to the order and can also be applied to orders that used "free shipping".

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