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OWB Zero 1 BGs Malin Holster
  • Battle Gnome Solutions Malin is an outside the waistband passive retention holster, precision made by vauum forming 2 mm Kydex T on a CNC machined mold. Malin holsters are designed to be compatible with suppressor height sights, slide mounted optics and barrel extensions. For optimal draw and security, the retention can be adjusted via two screws at the front of the holster.Holsters feature an universal mounting hole pattern, which will fit most of the popular belt attachments on the market, such as those produced by Blackhawk, Safariland, G-Code, Bladetech etc. Two different belt attachment configurations are available in this store: High Ride Belt Loop - slightly flexible low profile belt loop. Features adjustable ride height and carry angle. Very stable platform, even for heavier pistols due to a large surface area that is in contact with the shooter's body. Designed with 3 cut-away sections in each loop for adjustability of the belt width (from 40 to 58 mm). Mid Ride Belt Loop - stiffer belt loop that drops and offsets the pistol from the shooter's body. Holster will ride 55-70 mm lower compared to the High Ride Belt loop. This allows for a faster draw and less interference with other gear that the shooter may carry. Belt loop will fit up to 56 mm wide belts. For increased stability, it is recommended to be used in a combination with an elastic thigh strap.


    Fits to: Zero 1 S, Zero 1 CP, Zero 1 T & Zero 1 TC


    Material: Metal screws, holsters are made from durable Kydex plastic 


    The handgun is not included!!!

    OWB Zero 1 BGs Malin Holster

    PriceFrom €62.40
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