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IWB Delta BGs holster 2.0
  • IWB Delta Gen.2 BGS holster for Delta. Battle Gnome Solutions Renny is an inside the waistband holster, precision made by vacuum forming 2 mm Kydex T on a CNC machined mold. Renny holsters are designed to be compatible with suppressor height sights, slide mounted optics and barrel extensions. For optimal draw and security, the retention can be adjusted via two screws at the front of the holster. Comes with a FOMI IWB clip with adjustable cant angle that will fit up to 45 mm (1.75'') wide belts. For optimal concealment, the holster also comes with an appendix carry wing, which presses the pistol grip tighter into the body, which results in less printing. The wing can also be removed and the holster can be carried in the 3 o'clock or small of the back position.


    Fits to: Delta Gen.1, Delta Gen.2 M, Delta Gen.2 M OR, Delta Gen.2 X, Delta Gen.2 X OR


    The handgun is not included!!!

    IWB Delta BGs holster 2.0

    SKU: 202898
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