BGs holster for Zero 1 + SUREFIRE X300 U-A/B*
  • BGS holsters features:

    -BGs Malin holster is a passive retention holster designed for outside the waistband carry.   
    -Precision made from the original 2 mm Kydex T and very versatile.
    -Designed to also fit pistols with mounted suppressor height sights, slide mounted optics and barrel extensions.
    -Features adjustable retention, using the two screws along the edge of the holster.
    -Has an universal mounting hole pattern - holster will fit most of the popular attachments on the market (e.g. those produced by Blackhawk, Safariland, Blade-Tech, G-Code etc.)
    -Comes with a low-profile belt loop.  

    Rex Zero 1 + X300U:

    -Light bearing holster*. Will fit all variants of Rex Zero 1 (S, T, CP, TC) with a mounted Surefire X300U-A or X300U-B weapon light. When switching between different light models, the retention might need to be adjusted for a better fit.


    *Light-bearing holsters will not work without the mounted light safely, since the retention would not be sufficient.

    BGs holster for Zero 1 + SUREFIRE X300 U-A/B*

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