Base pads - CLASSIC LINE (+2) - CHECKERED*
  • Suitable for Arex/Rex magazines

    Cuts on both sides of base pads (smooth and checkered version) make it easier to extract the magazine in the case of pistol jam. The CHECKERED version of base pads has checkers also on its underside, which makes it easier to change magazines and its insertion in the gun, as it prevents slipping in case of wet/sweaty hands. While, the smooth part of the surface does not hinder the magazine ejection in case of lower adhesion.

    These base pads also enable the pistol to stay in a vertical position if rules allow so, for a faster grabbing of the gun, which allows the shooter a quick grabbing of the gun and thus a faster start.

    Base pads are cut under the α angle to better fit the palm. Due to the α angle, the distance between the hand/palm and the magazine (distance x) is smaller, which enables a better control in inserting the magazine into the gun.



    Base pads - CLASSIC LINE (+2) - CHECKERED*

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